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Breast Reduction Palo Alto

Published on May 29, 2012 by

Very large breasts can be painful for a number of physical and emotional reasons. Medical problems can range from back, neck, and shoulder pain to headaches, and irritation or infection of the skin under the breasts. However, Dr. Vistnes understands

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Breast Augmentation Palo Alto

Published on May 20, 2012 by

Studies show that body confidence can radiate outwards affecting all areas of a person’s life! Looking your best means feeling your best and now more than ever before women can feel better about their shape. Breast Augmentation is a procedure

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Chin Surgery Palo Alto

Published on May 10, 2012 by

When patients get gorgeous results with rhinoplasty, they may also benefit from a chin augmentation to round out their look. In Palo Alto, chin surgery can be utilized to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction

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Ear Surgery- Palo Alto

Published on May 2, 2012 by

Large or protruding, or asymmetrical ears can be a source of pain and embarrassment from childhood on. At our Palo Alto practice an otoplasty consists of repositioning or reshaping the ears. This procedure creates a more balanced shape for the

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