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Liposuction Palo Alto

How exactly does UAL work to remove and sculpt the fat we tend to accumulate?

UAL uses sound waves (ultrasound) to liquefy unwanted fat deposits. The ultrasound energy waves are produced using a small ultrasound generator and hand piece then transmitted down to the tip of a specialized titanium cannula. This energy causes the tip of the cannula to vibrate rapidly back and forth over 22,000 times per second.

Imagine a fat cell as a water balloon – inside the balloon (fat cell) is the stored fat. When the tip of the cannula comes in contact with a fat cell, it creates a process called “cavitation”. Cavitation causes the fat cells to rupture, releasing the liquid fat stored inside the cells. This liquid fat becomes emulsified; it is gently suctioned out through the same cannula under low, gentle pressure. It is a less traumatic way of removing the fat, and one that allows more control in actually sculpting the treated areas. Just like a water balloon with a tear in it, the fat cells are no longer able to store fat once they have ruptured. If weight is gained back in the future, it will tend to be stored in other area with intact fat cells.

Because we are no longer relying on high-powered suction pumps to vacuum out the fat, there is less trauma to the body with UAL. Smooth, slow, and gentle options are used with UAL , leaving blood vessels and nerves intact, so there is significantly less bleeding and post-operative paid. Remember – UAL does NOT use heat to liquefy and remove fat – it uses sound waves. Because it is considerably gentler on your body, not only can you obtain excellent contouring, but the recovery is faster.

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