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Breast Procedures Palo Alto

Breast Enlargement

Our practice uses a unique dimensional analysis approach to breast augmentation. An attractive breast has unique dimensions, distances, and volumes that make it attractive. Instead of just picking an implant of a given size, we measure the breast dimensions, and then picks an implant of specific dimensions that will match the desires of the patient.

Breast Lift

Sometimes in age, after a dramatic weight loss, or pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts may begin to lose their shape and firmness and require a Breast Lift Procedure in order to re-create their former appearance. Some patients also note a decrease in size, or perhaps were never quite happy with their natural size and for these patients, a breast augmentation with breast lift may be the best solution to create the look desired.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, technically known as reduction mammoplasty, is designed to reduce the size of the breasts and create a more attractive breast shape and form. Women with very large breasts often suffer from breast pain; back, shoulder, and neck pain; posture problems; shoulder grooves from bra straps; and skin rashes under the breasts. In addition, women can experience embarrassment and be limited in a number of physical activities. Breast reduction surgery may help alleviate some or all of these common problems.

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