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Breast Enlargement Palo Alto


Our practice uses a unique dimensional analysis approach to Bay Area breast augmentation procedures. An attractive breast has unique dimensions, distances, and volumes that make it attractive. Instead of just picking an implant of a given size, we measure the breast dimensions, and then picks an implant of specific dimensions that will match the desires of the patient.

Once the implant has been selected, it may be inserted through one of two possible incisions:

  1. Under the breast in the fold or crease
  2. Around the nipple-areola area.

The best approach is determined after discussing the patient’s wishes and desires and an examination of the patients anatomy. A final decision will be made that ultimately should give the patient the desired result.

Shape and texture of the implant is another option for the patient in breast augmentation, as well as whether to put the implant on top or underneath the muscle. Because every patient is different, the final choice will depend on the patient’s specific anatomy and desires. Our doctors make every effort to tailor our Palo Alto breast augmentation surgery to the individual patient instead of doing the same operation on every patient.

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