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I had a ruptured breast implant (it happens!) and quickly needed to find a good Dr. to repair it. My friend Kimberly had gone to a consultation with Dr. Vistnes and loved him. After my consultation I decided to book my surgery with him. Not only was replacing an implant far more affordable than I’d thought, but he didn’t charge more to do both at the same time. Because they have their own beautiful and private surgical center there, I could have local anesthetic for my one hour surgery, instead of paying double at a hospital for general anesthesia. Believe me, I was out and didn’t feel a thing!

I upgraded to the new silicon gel for just a little bit more and was thrilled with the results. The rupture rate is much, much lower than the saline that I’d had twice before. The implant company even gave me two free vials of Botox for myself and a friend to use at Dr. Vistes’s skin care center in Palo Alto. That’s for another review, but Skin Spirit also gets five stars, it’s really, really a step above.

I also have to mention his office manager Tammy, not only is she organized and on top of everything, but she’s just a great front office presence and made the whole experience that much better. Thanks!!!


I would like to post this note….

Hello Dr. Vistnes

I would just like to start this note by saying that I’m very happy that I had chosen you to be my plastic surgeon and to thank you for being so understanding.

Even though my English is not the best, you’ve proven to be very articulate and seem to have a wonderful understanding of just what I wanted to do. You’ve managed to capture both the size and shape that is just perfect for my body.

The success of this operation was very exciting to me, especially after having an implant badly damaged by radiation for over 10 years. To be honest with you, I really didn’t think I could physically handle the reconstruction procedure and secondly, I didn’t really think it could even be repaired. Thank you again…

You had convinced me that the procedure was simple and easy and you were right. The result was perfect for me and I couldn’t possibly ask for more because I now have a second chance to enjoy myself again.

In closing, I would like to thank you again for a job well done and once again for choosing the best Anesthesiologist. Sincerely,

- J


Just an update! It’s been almost two years and I am still so happy with my results. So many friends have gone to him since and been thrilled!! Absolutely would go for anything else I might need…….MUCH further down the line :)


I am a very apprehensive person. I’ve had 2 Hairstylists in my life and I’m 50. Not just anyone cuts my hair, let alone my skin….LOL!!! If you are searching for a good plastic surgeon, search no more!! Dr. Michael Dean Visnes is a very gifted surgeon. Real, personable, listens & treats you like you’re his sister. I love this man!! His work is flawless! I’m not kidding. He’s GOOD!!! He’s HONEST & a man of integrity! Blessings to him and his staff always!


It’s been about 6 years since I had a blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery) with Dr. Vistnes. I am still completely thrilled with the results and would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Vistnes and his team. One of the things I appreciate to this day about Dr. Vistnes’ approach is that he is not overly “severe” in his approach to the results of this surgery. He deliberately left a very natural fold to my upper eyelid but eliminated the sagging, bags which were becoming disturbingly evident below. (Decades of sun/wind exposure, endurance sports and genetics will do that to a girl.) When I look at photos taken shortly after the procedure my appearance is slightly “pinched” but that did not last. It may have even taken a couple of months for the effects of his work to “settle”, leaving a very good result.

Full disclosure: I am fair skinned and I looked like a battery victim for about a week after the procedure. Since I religiously followed post-op guidelines, the healing actually went very fast. It’s a little strange, sleeping sitting up for a few days, but you’ll be glad you did.

I would recommend that if you have this surgery do yourself a favor and allow adequate healing time. Just take a break. Rest, relax and enjoy your convalescence. What’s the rush?

Update – 6/18/2012

Ok- its me again! It’s only been six days after surgery and I have to yelp!! I just got out of the shower and air drying myself- I am not being crude believe me- realize- I still have a drain- stitches all over-(thus the air dry) I noticed my hands are surprisingly parallel against my body! Not the usual pear shape or angling around my thigh n butt area but Straight Down!! Holla!! Granted I have working with the Angel Carli at Skin Spirit (and Dr. V) but seriously….!?!? It’s only been six days, drain n stitches all over- how much more awesome- am I gonna get??? Aaa ah! Can’t wait for more awesome!!!


I will come back and write more about Dr. V at a later time when its easier for me to jump up and down! But here goes:

I just had my surgery on Monday and really wanted to sing his praises that day, but I am still recovering. He is awsesome, his staff is so kind and warm and they make you feel at ease if you are nervous, like I was.
. When you go into your consultation, he spends alot of time talking to you and answers all questions and that really helps because there are alot of misused information out there.

From pre-op to post-op, he is there and cares and wants you to be comfortable and happy.

Was I seeking God? Don’t we all? In the bible says: God helps those who helps themselves, and this is true!! You can have all the surgeries in the world and place blame if it makes you feel better, but you have to do the research and the homework, which means all the pre and post opp stuff, you will not get the look or the results you wanted. I did my homework!! Its been a couple of days and I can already see results of the amazing job Dr. Vistnes did. Thanks Dr. V!!

Now go book your appointments and get in to see them! You will be so happy you did. I gotta go rest, but will be back soon to post my story…..

- PN


Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes, Palo Alto

“Dr. Vistnes and his medical staff are the best!! From the moment I had my consultation, I knew I picked the right plastic surgeon. He took the time toexplain the procedure with such great detail while answering all my questions. Part of the reason I chose him is because of his reputation as an extremely intelligent and highlyrespected surgeon in his field.

The day of my surgery I was so scared & nervous. His whole surgical team took great care of me the whole entire time. They catered to my every need. The surgery was a huge success and I can’t believe how amazing I look.

Thanks Dr. Vistnes for making me look so youthful and beautiful. I’ll be back real soon!

Thanks again!”


Dr. Vistnes was highly recommended to me by two of my friends. From the moment I walked in the door for my consult I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Vistnes took the time to fully explain the procedure in such a was that was so easy to understand. He answered all my questions and made me feel so at ease as well as informed on what to expect during the procedure. He is very intelligent and personable as well.

The day of my surgery was such a breeze! I felt so well taken care of not only by Dr. Vistnes but the surgical team as well.

I absolutely love my results. He made me look so beautiful. Friends and family keep telling me how great I look!!! I totally agree with the friends that referred me to him – HE’S THE BEST!

THANK YOU DR. VISTNES!!!!! I’ll be back!!!


The experiences I’ve had with Dr. Vistnes and his team have been incredible. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like I had known them forever. After researching three cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Vistnes was the only one to actually explain the reasons behind every choice available in regards to breast augmentation. I left feeling educated about my decisions and very comfortable with his expertise. Like I said before, the entire staff and everyone associated with Dr. Vistnes (right down to the nurses and anesthesiologist) were simply amazing. They all went above and beyond to make my experience a great one and it was. I would recommend this office to anyone who is interested in getting any cosmetic procedures done. Thank you Dr. Vistnes, Tammy, Geri, and everyone who truly took care of me. You all are FABULOUS!!!! :)

Update – 12/9/2011

1 1/2 later, and guess what, my scar is almost gone, it’s beautiful. My implants look great, and my follow ups are over. Thanks again Dr. Vistnes and staff, I’m working on saving money for my ears next!

I’ll be back.


Dr. Vistnes did an amazing face lift on my grandmother earlier this year, she looks great! So I decided to go and see him for myself. After having my lengthy list of questions patiently and clearly answered by dr. Vistnes, I decided to book my Brest lift with implants and some liposuction on my arms. I am now about 7 weeks out from my surgery and am so amazed by the results! I feel and look great! The boost of self confidence I have gained from dr. Vistnes and his office manager Tammy throughout this experience is something I will never be able to truly thank them for. They have walked me through every part of surgery and the healing process and are always available when I have a question. Tammy was even there when i woke up from surgey to make sure i was ok! Above and beyond! Thank you dr. Vistnes and team you have been so amazing!


I went to see Dr. Vistnes for my “boob” job and was very happy with his scientific approach. My consultation was great. I felt comfortable with him doing my procedure.

I eneded up with a natural look of the implants that “Fit to my frame. The doctor made small incisions on the location the implants were inserted.Dr Vistnes helped me understand the difference in A,B,C,D and my personal dimensions he let me decide what I truly liked, he was in there with me for awhile just so he knew I was comfortable.

Both Megan and Tammy in the office have had breast augmentation and their breasts looked so natural. They gave me an extra comfort level going into procedure, having that personal expericne.
My husband was blown away with my new look. He was so happy that he wrote Dr. Vistnes a letter of thank yous and has been recommending him to other men at work or the club.


I’m driving all day around the bay area for work and it was always easy to see Dr. Vistnes for post-op care at one of his three SkinSpirit locations. When I went for my first complimentary massage at SkinSpirit, which was really nice and I felt really comfortable there.
It was not an easy disicion to make, having the upper and lower eye work done. Dr Vistnas didn’t rush me in to it, instead he was supportive of me and gave me as much information to make the decision myself. He always took the time to answer my questions in a way that I could understand.

After the surgery I was amazed at the results. It was great to be able to see Dr. Vistnes at SkinSpirit for a follow up appointment before going into my first complimentary post-op massage. EXCELLENT CARE.”


I was so happy with the result Dr. Vistnes achieved with me. He sculpted my body into an hourglass figure. I was really quite amazed.
I was afraid that after having lipo I was just going to have saggin elephant skin, but I dropped weight from the start and as time went on I dropped a lot more. I went down in inches within first month.

I feel like a new woman with a fresh start on life!


Dr Vistnes came hightly recommended by some friends of mine. I was a bit nervous about getting this procedure done, but once I made my initial appointment and consulted with Dr. Vistnes my fears were gone. My experience was excellent from that consultation to my last follow up appointment. I came in for upper and lower eyelid surgery. You can’t even tell where the incesisions are. I loved the fact that Dr. Vistnes personally called me on the first night after my surgery to see how I was doing and if I had any questions.

This painless operation was done without incisions on my face. It completley removed the bags under my eyes. I can’t beleive how much better I look. All my friends are saying “I told you so!”
The surgery center had great nurses who work with you to fill all your needs. They even called me the night before my surgery, how do you beat that? I am a big fan of Dr. Vistnas now. If I decide on getting other procedures I won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call his office.


Thank You Dr. Visnes! What a wonderful experience from begining to end. When you walk into the office was beautiful and inviting, didn’t feel like I was in a doctor’s office. The surgery center had great nurses and a Stanford anesthesiologist who work personally with your needs and they called me the night before my surgery, how do you beat that?

His Med Spa, SkinSpirit, is a great place to go for post-op massage, facials and skincare. My neck and face lift were out of this world. I didn’t have that fake pulled back look like you see in Hollywood. I could hardly tell that I had been under the knife. The incisions healed and faded fast,
leaving my with fresh younger looking face. My husband was stunned by my new look!

Final result is a younger look with smoother, tighter skin on the face and neck took 10 years off my face.

I would recommend Dr Visnes to all my friends and all on Yelp! Just give them a call and ask for Megan, she will be so happy to help you, as she was with me.


I loved the fact that Dr. Vistnes personally called me on the first night after my surgery to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. My surgical experience was excellent from my first consultation to my last follow up appointment I cam in for upper and lower eyelid surgery and I can’t even tell where my incisions are

The bags under my eyes from fat resolved by a painless operation and without incisions on my face. My bags are completely gone. The bags under my eyes from fat were resolved by a painless operation without incisions on my face. My bags are completely gone. The surgery center had great nurses and a Stanford anesthesiologist who work personally with your needs and they called me the night before my surgery, how do you beat that?


You could tell Dr. Vistnes truly enjoys breast augmentation by the excitement in his voice when he’s talking about the procedure and how the implant fits my body’s frame. His Consultation was amazing. I respected his scientific approach. He didn’t push me one way or the other with the implant choice, he let me decide what I truly liked, he was in there with me for awhile just so he knew I was comfortable.

I am so happy with my decision to have my augmentation done with Dr. Visnes. My results were better than I expected. I recommend him to anyone thinking of plastic surgery. Not only is he a wonderful man, but his staff, especially Tammy are so wonderful. Thank you Dr. Vistnes. I love my new look!


I do a lot of traveling in the bay are for work and it was always easy to see Dr. Vistnes for post-op care at one of his three SkinSpirit locations.
He was the only doctor who let me know I would need a tight sports bra and a few different shirts to try on with the implants.

When I went for my first complimentary massage at SkinSpirit I was able to see Dr. Vistnes at SkinSpirit for a follow up appointment before going into my first complimentary post-op massage. EXCELLENT CARE.


If you are considering plastic surgery I have the plastic surgeon for you. Dr. Vistnes is amazing. He will help you decide whether plastic surgery is right for you. I really liked this about him; he did not try and push himself or surgery on me. He gave me the facts, told me if I was a good candidate, and answered all my questions. I felt comfortable with him right away and felt like I would be in good hands. I have never written a review on Yelp before but felt like I should because people need to know what a great doctor, Dr. Vistnes is. I was considering a facelift but after meeting with the doctor he said he didn’t feel that I needed something that drastic and referred me to his spa for a laser treatment. This was much cheaper and less invasive than surgery and worked great, I am very happy with the results. It was refreshing to talk with a doctor that just wants the best for people even if it means he makes less money or no money at all. I highly recommend Dr. Vistnes.

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